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Saulart is a community of transdimentional art enthusiasts, event creators, deco artists, flow art performers, DJs, live musicians and visual artists. We explore creativity in its purest form without boundaries and limitations.

Our events

By making events we create a safe and friendly environment to establish connection between artists and event visitors, where visitors are no longer art consumers, but contributors.


Our artists

Throughout our creative journey we meet and collaborate with a great number talented Latvian visual artists that are seeking new ways to communicate their vision to the public.

The Project

We decided to dedicate the project SAULART.SPACE to them – empowering Latvian visual art creators and supporting them on their artistic mission. Here, in our store, you can purchase art prints, apparels, accessories, home decorations and many more – all created by Latvian visual artists featuring finest art pieces, printed and manufactured right here, in Riga!


Saulart Festival 2022

Moreover, purchasing from our store you're not only supporting Latvian artists, but also contributing to our future project - Saulart Festival 2022. Whole weekend of live and electronic music, crafts, sport workshops and lectures mastered by local and European artists. Also, a wonderful flow chill time in the nature that we often miss so much.

The Festival is going to be a deep and enjoyable experience to discover and become part of. Hope to see you there! More info to come.

Help us with our mission!


We welcome you to have a look at our gallery. Support Latvian multi-dimensional Latvian art by acquiring finest quality beautiful fashion or deco elements. Every purchase makes a difference! Thank you and stay tuned for more art to come!

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